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5'10" Happy Battle
  • 5'10" Happy Battle

    Dimensions: 5'10"
    Brand: Happy Battle
    Shaper: Jay Novak

    Model: T2
    Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
    Construction: Traditional Fiberglass

    Made in San Diego


    T2(Twin + Trailer)


    Our T2 model surfboard design is a great choice for small to overhead sized waves. We added smaller trailing center fin for added stability and gives you the drives of thrusters. It is fast, loose and really easy to control. It’s great all-round board. Super stable and floaty, will catch pretty much anything from tiny mush to overhead surf. It’s a perfect board for someone transitioning from a midrange to a shortboard or for someone looking for a single board for multiple conditions.


    • Details

      Please email or call us at 858-333-7596 if you are interested in this board.
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