7'11" Gordon & Smith x Kevin Connelly

Dimensions: 7'11"
Brand: Gordon and Smith Surfboards
Shaper: Kevin Connelly
Model: Drone
Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced
Construction: Traditional Fiberglass

Made in San Diego

The Drone
Size range: 6'6-8'6

Sample Dimensions: Length: 7' Nose: 19 3/4" Width: 22 3/4" Tail: 14 5/8" Thickness: 2 3/4"

New Model in the G&S + Kevin Connelly Collaboration, “Kurrently Classic” Great little versatile board that bridges the gap between Long and Short boards. Perfect for short boarders that don't want the length of a longboard, but want the volume. Great for
Long boarders who want a short board, but still want the volume! This board turns on a dime. The 2 + 1 fin configuration allows it to be ridden as a single fin or a tri fin. This is a Compact Longboard that noserides which sets it apart from an ordinary Egg Shape. Its user friendly for beginners and super stable because of it's extra width and plaining surface. We also make it in a swallowtail model.
Experience surfers will be able to take it to its limits. Get Stoked on a Drone!


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