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9'6" Gordon & Smith
  • 9'6" Gordon & Smith

    Dimensions: 9'6" x 23 1/4" x 2 7/8"
    Brand: Gordon and Smith Surfboards
    Shaper: Kevin Connelly
    Model: Formula 2
    Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
    Construction: Traditional Fiberglass


    Made in San Diego


    Designed by Kevin Connelly working closely with Teamrider Ricky Cunningham. It's a Team favorite. This is different than anything in our Longboard lineup. It’s got a Step nose AND Step tail. Our team guys rip on this machine so we called it the Formula 2. Also, available in a Formula 1 if you only want a Step Nose. This board has give and some flex so it noserides in larger surf and really holds in. Both Gordon & Smith and KC logo on this one top and bottom.

    The Step Nose has a pulled in outline to streamline and make it quicker than a normal nose rider. Using the 60's nose rider mentality of the step deck, the design eliminates a volume of foam making the nose lighter and then adds a natural flip or rocker in addition to the flex value it allows. This board has a hydrodynamic effect which draws a straighter line through the water. The step with resultant flex makes hanging five more comfortable, sensitive and  stable while holding speed.

    The Step Tail creates speed on bottom turns by utilizing your foot placement on the board. The slight natural edge on the tail generates more speed because the tail volume is thinned out allowing water to flow over and actually wrap the tail allowing the board the ability to stick in the wave with extra stability especially in hollow or larger surf.


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