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9’5” Happy Battle
  • 9’5” Happy Battle

    Dimensions: 9'5" x 22 7/8" x 3 1'8"Brand: Happy BattleModel: ProdigyGlass: Golden State Glassing (Costa Mesa)

    Shaper: Brian AndersonSkill Level: Beginner to AdvancedConstruction: PUFinish: Wet Sanded Gloss

    Prodigy Pig shape

    This model has wide point that is pushed back towards the tail, a narrow nose, and a wide, full tail. The wide tail gives the board a lot of volume in the back, which makes it easy to paddle and catch waves. The narrow nose makes the board more maneuverable, and the wide point being pushed back towards the tail makes it easier to turn the board quickly. This model is very forgiving and easy to ride, making them a good choice for beginner to intermediate surfers. They are also a good choice for surfing in smaller waves, as they can generate a lot of speed and glide.

    Here are some of the key characteristics of a pig shape surfboard:

    Wide point pushed back towards the tail

    Narrow nose

    Wide, full tail

    Flat or low rocker

    Single Fin

    Pig shape surfboards quickly became popular among surfers, and they remain a popular choice today. They are a good choice for surfers of all skill levels, and they can be used in a variety of wave conditions.

    If you are looking for a surfboard that is easy to ride, maneuverable, and forgiving, then a pig shape surfboard is a good option to consider.

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