9'6" Gordon and Smith

Comes with Center fin


Dimensions: 9'6"
Brand: Gordon and Smith Surfboards
Shaper: Chris Darby
Model: Retro Redfin
Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced
Construction: Traditional Fiberglass

Made in San Diego

"One of our most progressive designs from the mid 60’s. Made famous and originally designed by former G&S teamrider/shaper, Mike Hynson of Endless Summer fame. The Retro Redfin is made for speed, powerful drawn out turns and is a time tested classic that has been ridden by some of the best surfers of that era. 50/50 rails fades into a 60/40 rail in the tail. Belly throughout the bottom for that fun vintage feel. Not too heavy, but heavy enough for a fun slide and glide feel."


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